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Our commitment to excellent service and results is second to none. We saw the need for a higher standard of personal training and a more personalised approach to our client’s goals which is why Velocity is the premiere results-based fitness facility. We take your health and fitness seriously. We continue to achieve amazing results with our clients and provide a positive environment for our clients and members alike to train and transform. If you truly value your health, if you wish to create change, transform, train specifically and be coached and mentored in a professional setting, contact us today.


This program is for those who are committed to achieving real results no matter where you are to start. The focus is on fine tuning your body, firstly by resetting your metabolism through a process of simple and very effective dietary changes. We work with you for a minimum period of 12 weeks. The program is split into four weekly blocks with a focus on each phase to encourage your body to adapt to each level. Every aspect of this program is personalised and we leave no stone unturned. We offer support the entire time and will guide you through a very individualised format of dietary and training advice which commences with a thorough health questionnaire, orthopaedic profile assessment, injury screening and we work on a clear outcome for your time training with us. Along with dietary advice, you are booked for individualised fitness and strength training sessions over the 12 weeks.

We also offer a ‘lifestyle maintenance program’ once you have completed the initial 12 weeks.


Velocity’s track record speaks for itself! Our GOLD program is designed for anyone who wants to get the most out of training to achieve a successful outcome without wasting time in the gym. This program is targeted specifically to training and does not include any tailored nutrition advice. We work with you for a minimum of 12 weeks. Most people have injuries, niggles or general wear and tear. Our team are trained in injury rehabilitation and prevention. Upon commencement, you will undergo a complete movement, injury and orthopaedic profile assessment. With this information we can put together your initial and ongoing progressive training programs based on what you need. Whether or not you have injuries, every person can benefit from a complete assessment of his / her body. In fact, it is crucial before setting foot inside a gym.


Silver is super popular for the long haul. Many of our members and clients will spend some time in our Silver program due to the flexibility and structure. Once again, this program works in a 12-week block and you are booked in either fortnightly or monthly for your personal training session. We review your training programs monthly and ensure you have something structured and individualised for YOU.

Our personal training programs are all booked in twelve weeks blocks as a minimum. We work predominantly one on one and also have a small group personal training program. Please contact us to discuss the best option for your needs.


Having a safe and friendly environment to train is a big part of our ongoing mission and important to keep you consistent and focused on your fitness. OUR BRONZE MEMBERSHIP covers base level entry to the gym and is strictly by application only.

*Conditions apply

Note: Velocity does not offer casual memberships or casual visit passes


Helen Weston is a physiotherapist whose approach to human movement is deeply influenced by her experience as a senior martial artist and with a philosophy founded on dynamic postural integration. She uses guiding techniques which are targeted tactile and awareness keystones. She affects her clients patterning through neuromuscular and connective tissue release and co-ordination activation such that alignment and therefore power and flexibility can be optimized during gym training and indeed life. Injuries and degenerative changes can be prevented. Recovery from injury is optimized.

For all physiotherapy appointments, please contact reception 64925311


Let’s face it, training with friends can be really fun and motivating. We agree that accountability is a big deal in terms of actually turning up. We love coming up with concepts for how to make your classes more enjoyable and progressive. Not only will you have other people to keep you motivated, you will also have a great instructor who will navigate your session and ensure you are training in a safe yet challenging manner. This is why we have a great class schedule. The question is, why wouldn’t you?

All classes must be booked ahead with 24 hours’ notice for cancellation. If you cancel within the timeframe, a session will be deducted from your class pass. Classes will only run with a minimum 6 attendees. Anyone with injuries deemed unsafe to train will not be able to attend the class.


In this eight-week course, you will learn the foundations of yoga asana (poses). The course begins with standing poses, seated twists, forward bends and restorative poses, focusing on body and breath to bring steadiness within. As we progress, we expand the range of asana, preparing body and mind for gentle back bends and, for those who are interested, inversions.

You will cultivate body awareness to improve posture, strength and joint mobility. You will learn to modify poses to allow you to experience yoga safely and within your own limits, and as your confidence builds you can explore the possibilities.

This is an active yoga class and suitable for anyone with a basic level of fitness. If you are working with injury, you will learn how to accommodate it within your yoga practice.

By exploring the body, we can learn to calm and steady the mind, to find a point of stillness within a constantly moving world.

Sarah Ducros Davis 

Yoga Teacher and Remedial Massage Therapist.

That Natural Balance.

Qualified Yoga Alliance Teacher

Iyengar Yoga Australia Registered Teacher

As a dedicated Iyengar yoga practitioner, I know first-hand the power of a regular yoga practice, its ability to change the body and mind little by little and the benefit that this brings to quality of life. My goal is to share my experience of yoga with other curious souls, for the benefit of all.




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